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Your privacy is our Commitment

it's actually a big part of our business!


Take a look at our FAQ


I don’t feel like registering…

You can answer the survey anonymously, but your experience could be limited. Also, we would like to offer high-quality information to all users, and by registering we can - at some point - guarantee the reliability of our data.

If you want a full experience to yourself and other with access to other cities, businesses or companies, we invite you to sign in.


How do I register then?

It is quite easy. We encourage you to sign in through your LinkedIn account or other social media that confirms your employer.



We want surveys from people who actually work or have worked for the companies they are talking about. So, when you sign in, we can match your employer information to your survey and this increases reliability. We will differentiate “proof “surveys from “anonymous” ones. Once a company reaches a minimum number of “proof” surveys, we might be able to give it more credit.  


So, what kind of information will you be accessing?

Your name, e-mail, employers, their locations and the periods you worked for them. We guarantee we will keep them confidential and that no one outside our organization or any other company will have access to them.


Will my employer ever know I answered it?

Not from us. You can tell them if you want though.


We will only use statistics to help. Always!