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Why should I Talk

Well... first, because it's cool... and everybody will benefit from it!


You will help your company know their strengths and their development opportunities.

You will be able to check if your opinion is shared by other employees and help your employer build a case - a successful one or a development action plan.

You will be able to check if colleagues from other offices at the same company have similar results or if their challenges are different from the ones you face daily.

You will access information about other companies - even competitors - and get to know what makes them so special.

You will access information about companies in a town you are considering spending time at.

You will help us building a new world.

By providing reliable information, you and I will be able to transform the job market with better informed people and more transparency to employees and companies about what is actually going on - believe me: most CEOs and BoDs are not fully aware of their people's perception about a company. And once they are, then we can expect start seeing some changes! But we have to give them a chance to know!