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who is Sigmund

Talktosigmund® is a global start-up of people with international business experience in human resources.


“Sigmund” refers to the “father of psychoanalysis”, the Austrian genius Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and his famous “talking cure”. We strongly believe talking about our issues (and listening to them) will help – in our case – companies promote a healthier and more productive environment for people everywhere.


We want to help by challenging companies to really listen to their own people.


We want people to have a healthier work environment by sharing good examples from companies from distant parts of the world. We believe their experience could fit right into your company’s needs.


We can help by offering companies professional, business driven and structured information and reports to inspire them to develop and execute action plans based on their real-time needs.


We want to change the world - company by company