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Your real-time climate survey

As HR people, we encourage our leaders to give and receive constant feedback and we appreciate the value of a good dialog. Well, this is our change to get some... in real-time!

Climate or engagement surveys take a lot of energy from our teams and get old really quickly. And some of our people just don't feel like participating and discredit the whole process.

What if you solve it all and could get new and volunteer responses anytime without asking?

We will:

  • Spare you the time and effort to build a survey;
  • Give you and your people real-time feedback; and
  • Give you access to the results of companies from the same business or region - and also from your own offices from different locations so you can compare your team against other benchmarks.

But we can do better than that, we can:

  • Offer you tailored reports so you can build your own benchmarks and prioritize your initiatives;
  • Give you access to your own information, so you can build your own spreadsheets and graphs;
  • Track if your action plan is changing people's perception over time; and
  • Grant you access for updating official company information.





But we will never:

  • Give access to personal information about our members - this would discourage them from providing honest feedback to you; and
  • Sell reports or access about other companies if it the purpose is not  for your own company's development.

 Check out the "improving my results" page to know more about how we can help your company!